2 Business Schools, 1 Life Lesson

2 Business Schools, 1 Life Lesson

I was lucky enough to go to business school in the UK and the US.

The difference in teaching blew my mind.

The US

My professors had started, built and sold multiple companies. They taught directly from past experiences and could understand exactly what caused their success and resulted from their actions.

The UK

My lecturers were often doctoral researchers, teaching to pay the bills. They regurgitated business theory that was commonly accepted without any prior experience actually doing it.

The problem with receiving advice from most people is that they don't have any basis to give advice in the first place.

When people give you advice, ask them if they follow their own teachings. To the person who tells you not to get back with your ex but repeatedly goes back to theirs, how much can you value their advice?

When people give you advice, nothing changes for them. They aren't the ones who will have to deal with the consequences.

Ray Dalio has the most actionable framework for getting good advice from other people. He calls it a Believability Weighting.

Ask yourself the following questions:

1) Have they done it 3x successfully before

2) Do they have an excellent understanding of the cause/effect relationship

Start giving a believability weighting to advice you get, and only if you can say yes to both of these questions should you be prepared to take it.