Fill Your Cup With Chicken Soup

Fill Your Cup With Chicken Soup

My Dad's the most generous man I've ever met.

He'd give the shirt off his back to a person in the street, and probably his shoes and trousers too.

I've seen this my whole life and struggled to emulate it. I'm generous with my time, my money and even in love, but I still can't come close.

If I end up as half the man my Dad is, I'll have succeeded in life.

I realised something about him. He isn't a glass half full or half empty person. His glass is FULL— all the time. The simple pleasures in his life mean that he's always happy, and because of that, he can give unconditionally.

He loves Sudoku, he loves gardening, and he loves his mum. Those three things give him the most happiness I've ever seen in the man. And every week, he does all of them, without fail.

It's the simple things in our life that allow us the freedom to give.

I realise now, most of my life has been spent taking. In relationships, in the workplace, even in friendships, I've been using other people to fill my cup. I haven't been able to give as much as I wanted because my cup wasn't full to begin with.

Find the things you love, things which are like chicken soup for your soul, and use them to fill your own cup.

For me, it's reading, cooking and a glass (or three) of red wine.

I love you, Dad.