Grimm: The Animal Inside

Grimm: The Animal Inside

Beneath a thin veneer of humanity, clothes, makeup and (home)office jobs, we are all but beasts.

What if I told you that buried deep in your subconscious lies a beast, silently controlling your thoughts.

The TV show Grimm gives us a mythological look at this exact thought. Based on creative retellings of mythology from around the world, it puts forward a reality where beneath normal looking people lies their true, beastly nature.

Humans' true nature is closer to this than we believe. Evolution takes millennia.

We're not actually that far removed from our neanderthal cousins; we just think we are. Our brains haven't evolved much since then, and this is exactly why we continually make errors in thinking and judgement.

Cognitive biases, heuristics and decision-making errors are all down, in part, to the fact that our brains haven't really evolved since we were hunting mammoth down in grassy plains. These primitive processes kept us alive, but now we have no real need for them. That doesn't stop them from still being used today.

We haven't got the ability to turn them off; we can only become aware of how our brains work and do our best to mitigate their effects.

The beast within is in control. We just have to find a way of keeping them satisfied.