Never Trust A Consultant

Never Trust A Consultant

I couldn't work in consulting any longer.

Something about it just didn't sit right with me.

I realised after about 18 months that consulting as an industry falls victim to a number of problems:

  1. Skin in the game
  2. Cherry-picking.
  3. Déformation Professionnelle

Skin In The Game

Consultants have zero skin in the game. We don't get paid on results, we get paid on our outputs and hours worked. Whether what we advise works or not is redundant, because it's up to the client to implement it. This absolves us from any responsibility.

Cherry Picking

AKA drawing the bullseye around the arrow. Whether it's reframing evidence (which is healthier, 80% lean meat or 20% fat meat?) or ignoring evidence, your consultants could be doing it. The evidence you see to justify their decisions is all true, but what side of the story are you seeing? I doubt you'll be seeing the whole story.

Déformation Professionnelle

Consultants are selling products. Not services. Products. This productisation approach means that they aren't looking out for your best interest, they're trying to fit whatever you've told them into an existing product that their consultancy offers. This is also known as Man-with-a-hammer syndrome.

Career consultants are just repeating things they've been told are solutions. Unless they have real world experience in why this will work, and how it applies to your situation, they're just a person with a hammer who doesn't have to fix any holes they make in the wall.