Remove Everything That Isn't David

Remove Everything That Isn't David

One of Michelangelo's most famous works, my namesake, David was almost never created.

The block of marble that David was formed from was left unused and cast aside by the office of the Florence Cathederal, for being unworkable.

Michelangelo stepped in, and two years later, one of the greatest pieces of sculpture in Antiquity was born.

When asked about how he created something so beautiful, Michelangelo is supposed to have said,

"I simply removed the parts that were not David."

Removing what was not David, instead of trying to create David is a way of thinking that we should all be striving for.

This idea is known as via negativa.

It's far easier to avoid being wrong than it is trying to be right.

People who tell you what to do are giving positive advice.

Do this, and this will happen.

Doctors telling you to eat 5 forms of vegetables, personal trainers who tell you to go for more runs, financial advisors who recommend a specific stock pick.

This = that just isn't useful.

It's far better to be told what not to do.


Instead of eat 5 forms of fruit or veg, avoid eating fast food every day.


Instead of go for more runs, avoid being sat on your ass all day.


Instead of choosing a specific stock, avoid being overly leveraged in a specific stock.

Avoidance of bad things is far easier than finding the good things.

You'll likely end up in the same place.