The News Is Poison

The News Is Poison

The news is shit. Never have I watched the news, and thought "wow, I'm so glad I heard that!"

The news is literally playing your brain like a fiddle.

Our brains are hardwired to look for the most stimulating source of information, and the news gives us that in bucket loads. Our brains like character driven scandalous and shocking stories the most, which is what the news centres on.

Think about the last piece of news you saw, or read about. I can almost guarantee it was character driven (there was a person at the centre of it) and it was either shocking or scandalous.

We don't want to hear complex, nuanced views, we want the most bang for our buck. News outlets know this, and they willingly provide it.


They're paid for your attention. News outlets are funded by advertising (which is why their websites ask you to turn off adblock) so the most clicks mean the most money. Anything that seems dull or complex isn't going to be clicked on, so is filtered out.

I can almost guarantee most of the news you consume is irrelevant, and a knowledge of current affairs hasn't improved anyone's life. It hasn't improved your relationships, made you more money, or helped you make better decisions, so why constantly consume it?

You aren't hearing what's really going on in the world, you're only hearing about things that are going to make you click and read, or watch mouth agape.

This video sums up the news.