The Raging Fire of Inspiration

The Raging Fire of Inspiration

If you've never felt the raging fire of inspiration, let me describe it.

It's like lightning has reached down from the heavens and touched the depths of your soul.

You feel it, in the pit of your stomach, and it electrifies your whole body. You jump up, energised by the feeling that you finally understand. The insight you've just gained is something you've never felt before.

And then, it fades. The fire that was so quickly lit begins to fade. What was all-consuming is now...not.

Here, motivation has to kick in.

There are two types of motivation. Intrinsic and extrinsic.

Intrinsic motivation comes from deep within you. It gets you out of bed every morning.

Extrinsic motivation is what compels you even when you don't necessarily want to. Getting paid for a job or the fear of punishment.

The thing about motivation is that it can be created. You can exercise motivation like you would a muscle. Keep doing what you're doing, and motivation will grow.

We can't rely on inspiration. Inspiration can come from anywhere at any time. That's the beauty of it.

Set yourself up to become inspired by something that lets your brain feel at peace. People find inspiration while they're in the shower, or walking the dog.

Why? Their minds are free to roam, and their subconscious can work on all the ideas that the conscious mind cannot fathom.

Exercise motivation, and let the fire of inspiration light when it's good and ready.