There Are Only Two Types of Wine

There Are Only Two Types of Wine

A Director at my old job was a huge wine nerd.

Recently he completed his mission to taste each of the 257 types of wine on the wine app Vivino. Why? Because it allowed him to experience all the wine world had to offer.

He said something that has become my entire wine philosophy.

"There are two types of wine. Wine you like. And wine you don't like."

Irrespective of price, type, region, all of it. He categorised wine into wine he liked, and wine he didn't.

Taste is a fascinating subject because our brains don't have a bloody clue. We're completely primed by what we see, and what we're told. "But David!" I hear you cry, "Sommeliers are professional wine tasters, who can taste to the year and region all different types of wine!"


A study from the University of Bordeaux pitted sommeliers against two glasses of wine. One red, and one white.

As predicted, they described fruity, earthy notes in the red, and light, floral notes in the white. Exactly as you would expect.

Except the red wine was just white wine with red food colouring.

Our sense of taste is the weakest, so we supplement it with our other senses.

They asked a group of people to correctly identify which out of a sample of five meat based products was canned dog food. The competition? Spam, liverwurst, duck liver mousse and pork liver paté.

Guess what. Your brain can't tell the difference.

Dog food, anyone?