You're Being Lied To

You're Being Lied To

Our eyes constantly deceive us.

Our brains give visual stimuli "right of way" when it comes to information processing. This means that whatever we see, we take largely as fact, even if our other senses provide more convincing information.

This can often lead to our downfall.

Joseph 'Yellow Kid' Weil was America's greatest conman. Over the 35 years he was active, he stole more than $8 million, nearly $40 million today. He preyed on those who "wanted something for nothing."

The problem? They always received nothing for something.

Weil's most daring escapade involved creating a whole fake bank and convincing an investor to buy "oil-rich government land."

He found out that the Merchant's bank of Muncie, Indiana had recently moved locations, and left the original building available for rent. He enlisted the help of hundreds of people who played bank tellers, customers and security, to give the impression of a fully functional bank.

When the investor arrived, he was made to wait to see the Bank's chairman (played by Weil). Nothing seemed amiss, it looked like every other bank the investor seen, and he could see how busy it was.

Weil eventually conned him out of nearly $1 million dollars.


The investor was only seeing what he wanted to see. He saw a busy bank, doing things that a busy bank does.

It's time to examine our senses, and how our brains constantly lie to us. Tomorrow's essay is on taste, our weakest sense. Foodies, prepare for a shock.