Waiting Fuckin' Sucks

Waiting Fuckin' Sucks

Over the last month, I converted my parents' old box room into a beautiful home office. It took weeks of hard work, repapering, painting, and the only thing missing was a desk.

I ordered a standing desk (so millennial) a month ago.

I was so excited.

It was coming from Belgium so I expected a bit of a wait, but then, less than a week later, a delivery truck pulled into the driveway.

I was foaming at the mouth.

the driver hopped out, and handed me a box a puppy would struggle to fit in.

I was heartbroken.

Now, after a month of back and forth, I'm writing this from a standing desk. It's amazing. But waiting?

It's the worst thing in the whole world.

There's nothing more infuriating, and our brains just can't handle it.

A study showed that given the chance, people would rather literally tase themselves than sit in a room doing nothing.

They left a taser on a table in a room and nearly 50% of participants tased themselves repeatedly to alleviate boredom.

In Estonia, they offered speeding drivers the choice between a grossly inflated fine (400€) or waiting for 45-60 minutes by the side of the road.

People en-masse chose the fine.

Instant gratification and immediate rewards are built into today's society (thanks Amazon Prime) and we're almost addicted to them. We've optimised for immediacy and when these expectations aren't met, our brains do anything possible in order to avoid boredom.