How I Got 20+ Callbacks In <1 Month

I was late to the job application game.

It was the second semester of my final year of university and I hadn't even looked into graduate jobs. All my friends were applying, interviewing or even had jobs lined up. But I was still sat on my arse with nothing to show for it.

I finally decided to get to work. The first step was rewriting my CV. That was the easy part.

I wrote CVs for other people for 4 years, so I knew how to do that.

Next was applying for jobs themselves.

That was tougher. Online applications, recruitment agencies, job boards... Too much choice, not enough time.

I found the easiest way to go about it, was to go direct to the recruiters.

If you just do the online forms, or just send your CVs to recruitment agencies, you'll get nowhere. They get too many, and only if you're great will they get back to you.

I sent LinkedIn requests, emails and even found people on Twitter. Told them I was looking for a job, sent over my CV, and then repeated.

The secret is, have a team of people doing the work for you.

Don't rely on one recruiter, one job board, one company.

Do all of them. Be persistent. Send an email every day.

Eventually you'll have a crack team looking for jobs for you so you don't have to.

However, I realise that before you even get that far, you need a good CV to start with.

I've condensed 4 years of writing CVs for clients into the ultimate guide to writing your own.

Here are the secrets:

  • Use behavioural psychology
  • Use professional design techniques
  • Use copywriting secrets

I figured out a super easy process.

(Hint: Every free CV template guide online isn't worth your attention, and neither is your university careers office.)


You need to be the clarity in the noise.


You need to be the shining light in the dark.


You need to be a welcome break from the monotony that recruiters face every single day.

I realised that I was successful because I was consciously writing for an audience.

I knew that recruiters were busy people, and that they just wanted to see if you were "good enough" to get to interview...


I asked an old friend who's a recruiter, what they look for and this was their response.

So that's what I focused on.

How could I get my client's foot in the door, so that they can go and kill it in the interview.

What it takes is very simple...

  • Top quality copy
  • High-end design
  • Behavioural science secrets
  • Writing with your audience in mind

I used all of these, in a foolproof system, to ensure that my clients got the jobs they wanted.

So why isn't everyone getting jobs lightning fast?

People can't be bothered to do any of it.

People only write a CV because they know people will ask for it, not because they enjoy doing it.

It's a task. A chore. A bore. A bloody nightmare sometimes.

When COVID hit, the job market took an enormous hit.


Don't become a statistic

I had so many people reach out asking for help, I couldn't possibly take them all on.

I figured I could give people the same process that I used to get clients their perfect jobs, in mere weeks.

One client got a new job which doubled his salary and another got into the masters course of her dreams at NYU.

It's really that easy.

An old client reached out a few weeks ago, telling me how much easier their job search had been, after they had followed my system:


The Solution

I have a tried and tested method that incorporates slick design, storytelling, but most importantly behavioural science.

This is what is going to make your life the easiest.

Behavioural science is the most overlooked element in people successfully getting jobs, and let me tell you why...

  1. Recruiters are normal people.They have lives, worries, and things on their mind. You being a great candidate should be the easiest decision they ever make. The goal is that they don't spend more than 10 seconds reading before saying yes. It's your responsibility to make that happen.
  2. The human brain is easily led. You can guide recruiters to see you in the best way, by using techniques that have been studied by some of the top behavioural psychologists and economists in the world.
  3. If you don't use it, it'll work against you. The things you will learn from this guide can very easily work against you, if you don't utilise them to win. Learn how to, and start leveraging them towards your dream job.

This guide shows you not only how to use behavioural science to get the job you want, but it will mean you are memorable to recruiters, which will get you more jobs.

Don't take my word for it. Hear it direct from both clients, and recruiters:


"I had such a crappy resumé when I started. David taught me how to articulate what I had done, and I got into NYU! I can't believe this strategy for writing resumés worked as well as it did. Honestly, shocked."

"David told me that my CV was one of the worst he'd ever seen. We re-did it and he laid out how I should be contacting recruiters. A week later I doubled my salary. Using the Recruitment Funnel, I got more callbacks and more offers than I had ever done before. It's so simple, but so useful."


"As a recruiter, I wish people had access to a resource like this, it's full of insightful tips and tricks. You would definitely get more interviews if you used this. The behavioural science part reminded me of my Psychology Masters, it's all true, and I'm not surprised people that use it are getting more jobs."
"The examples are great, it's thorough, well thought out. I feel like if it was used properly it would manifest an excellent CV. Especially for the price it's being offered at."

"Having spent nearly 2 years of my life filtering through graduate CV’s, I saw the good, bad and ugly. Reading through this brings it all back. Reading 50 pages seems like a lot, but I can only assure you how much more time you’ll be wasting on multiple failed applications at CV stage.

It's time to get the job you really want.

Stop compromising for something that will just about pay the bills.

Below you'll find the contents page of just the CV Guide:


If you upgrade your CV today, I'll throw in multiple Design Templates. Even less work to do.

With all of these things combined, I have laid out everything you'll need to write the perfect CV, and I've written guides to the after-process too:

  1. How To Make Recruiters Work For You
  2. Interviewing, Like A Boss
  3. Negotiation: An Offer You Can't Refuse

Still not convinced?

I'll even go one further.

If you follow all of this to the letter, and you still don't get a job in 6 weeks, I'll jump on an hour call with you, and we'll perfect it together.

This is usually a £200 service, but I'm so sure you won't need it, I'll give it to you for free if you do.

I'll coach you through everything, and we'll find you your perfect job.

If you want me to help you from the off, we can do that too.

I'll also make this promise.

If you buy this once, you'll have access to my DM's for life.

If you need help updating your CV, with interviews or negotiations any time going forward, I'll gladly lend a hand.

What are you waiting for?