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Hope is not a strategy – Unknown

People write their CVs, chuck them on job boards, and then expect to get a job.

Unfortunately, despite what certain people will tell you, that's not how it works.

I wrote people's CVs for 4 years, but I also helped them do something useful with them afterwards.

Writing a great CV can only get you so far. People get disheartened after not getting any replies, or not passing the mark at interview.

I put together these guides so that people wouldn't be going in blind. They're all rooted in behavioural psychology, and have helped me and countless others get the jobs they wanted.





Get recruiters to do the heavy lifting for you


Learn how to interview well when you're in the room


Negotiate well so you're getting the best deal


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I don't write people's CVs any more, but I put four years of knowledge from writing other people's for them into a guide.

Everything within it it is based in behavioural science, from design and formatting to how to write it. That's how one of my clients got a job in two weeks, and doubled his salary.

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